Rhcc Family,

The Bible teaches there are seasons in life. A season is a defined period of time in life that has characteristics with a beginning as well as an end. The Bible teaches us in Ecclesiastes 3:1-13 that God is the One who creates and is at work in all seasons. God’s Word says in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “For everything there is a season, and time for every matter under heaven.” When you go through the list of seasons, there are many up times in life and also times of challenge, pain, and loss. But in all those times God is with us, and the promise is, as the Bible says in conclusion in verse 13, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, He has put eternity into man’s heart…” While there are times when we can’t see the beauty, God does. While we know there are times when the moment seems overwhelming, we know those times are temporary and God is with us and at work in each season.

I bring that up because a season in my life, and a season in our life together, is coming to a close. There is no question that the best and most significant season of my life began October 1, 1992 when I began ministry here at RHCC as Senior Pastor. There are so many dreams and desires God has put in my heart that have been fulfilled in my/our ministry together; to be part of a church whose eyes are fully on Jesus, the Gospel, and the Bible as God’s sole authority for us in all matters of faith and practice; to be part of a church that truly wants to be family, sharing life together and building up one another in a growing likeness to Jesus; to be part of a church that treasures children and youth and has them as a priority in ministry; to be part of a church that has a passion for the Gospel and reaching people who are lost by going to our neighborhoods and to the ends of the earth; to be part of one of the most diverse communities anywhere and to see that diversity increasingly reflected in who we are as a church family; and to share the journey with so many of you who are humble, devoted servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s been incredible. I know also that all the goodbyes, in this life in Christ, are only temporary and we are heading for the day we will all be together with each other and Jesus.

But the time has come for this season as Senior Pastor to draw to a close. I have tears and sadness with it, not because I think it shouldn’t happen, but because I love you and I love being part of God working through us. I have been in discussion with the elders about when and how to bring this season for me to a close. That date is June 30, another five and a half months. I will be Senior Pastor until then but obviously plans are being made for the transition and the future. Details about this will be shared online at rhcctransition.com and also at the Congregational Business Meeting on February 10. A search team for the new Senior Pastor will be formed at the Annual Business Meeting in May. I know God has a new season for me, with Lynda, in ministry and I am waiting on Him, trusting He will lead and bless us. As part of my morning I heard a version of the hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul.” And I want you to know it is well with my soul and with RHCC, confidently in God’s hands. I pray it is, and will be, well with your soul as we keep our eyes on Jesus. I love you!

~ Senior Pastor Byron MacDonald